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Resson da l'Inghiltera sun l curs de Ladin Standard
scrit ai 12 March 2004 da les 09:32:15 da noeles

Ladin Standard


Na persona da foradecà: "I feel LS would be better for a foreign learner"

Ence jent foradecà interesseda a emparé Ladin Standard, miec che n idiom de valeda dij Ben Nichol da London - I reporton sia e-mail che nes à fat plajei 

Bon di! I am very interested in learning ladin standard and saw on your website that I could obtain a username and password here. I possess a Gramatica dl ladin standard, published by SPELL, but would appreciate your lessons. Is this possible? My name is Ben Nichol. I am a teacher of English literature and politics here in London, and have a connection with gaelic, one of our minority languages. I have visited your valleys and wish to do it again. I like very much  your site. I also possess a course in Gherdeina, but feel LS would be better for a foreign learner.

Do you agree? If you wish to reply I do read Italian and can, more or less(!), understand simple written LS. Kind regards, Ben.

L sit dl curs de LS de é . Al curs, pié via de jugn 2003, à tout pert en valgunes persones da foradecà. I podeis dutaorela damané do username y password per ves cialé ju les lezions, manan na e-mail a

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Dal latin al ladin: storia dla evoluzion dl lingaz ladin

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Re: Resson da l'Inghiltera sun l curs de Ladin Standard (ponc: 1)
da EValentini ai 12 March 2004 da les 11:20:09
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Dear Ben,
thank you for your interest for the Ladin language and culture. As a former director of SPELL I am particularly pleased that you intend to take part in the on-line LS course. It does not happen very often that a native speaker of THE international language shows intertest for one of the smallest languages in the world; we are very pleased and proud for this.
If you need any further information on LS and the course do not hesitate to contact me at the following address:
De biei saluc y a se audì

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